The undeniable pleasure and ease with which Mäkelä conducted the alpine tour was truly special … a stunningly powerful performance” 

Trouw, Peter van der Lint, 14 January 2023

” Like a perfect storm, Mäkelä and his musicians let this masterpiece of late romantic sonorities sweep over the Amsterdam audience.”, Michael Kiier, 13 January 2023

“The first burst, the sunrise, still sounds like a popping pink tidal wave. But after that, the idyllic picture quickly disappears. Especially as that sun keeps shining dazzlingly … The eruptions are beautiful in themselves, but a mountain is imposing only by grace of a valley. And there are hardly any.”

NRC, Rahul Gandolahage, 14 January 2023

Jimmy López Bellido: Aino
Ernest Bloch: Schelomo
Richard Strauss: Alpine Symphony
Soloist: Sol Gabetta