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Concertgebouworkest on tour

“The opening concert could not have been more musically captivating, more convincing …  Klaus Mäkelä conducts the Sixth with burning intensity, the contrasting power of the first movement in the most inflamed body tension, the illusory idyll of the Andante in all its ambiguity, the Scherzo as a grimly beautiful rhythmic obliquity and the Finale in the compulsion to destroy all vitality with brutal hammer blows. Klaus Mäkelä impresses with restlessness in calm and the will to go to extremes.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Wolfgang Schreiber, 29 August 2022

“Hardly ever in a concert has one been able to experience such transparency of the different instrumental groups in the first movement of this symphony.”

ndr-Aktuell, Berthold Seliger, 30 August 2022

“Right from the first march-like notes, one feels grabbed by the throat. But it is a controlled tragedy. One does not land directly on the precipice, but is presented with the hard truth. One of the best Mahler performances in recent years, an absolutely stellar hour.”

rbbKultur, Andreas Göbel, 29 August 2022

“The result is brilliant: the noble sound of the Concertgebouw Orchestra gains immediacy, the speed of reaction increases, the richness of details is striking.”

Der Tagesspiegel, Ulrich Amling, 29 August 2022

“A disappointment, an annoyance and – if one takes the impressive Mahler tradition of this great orchestra – a disaster. Such an evening should not really happen to an orchestra of this league, certainly not on tour.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
, Clemens Haustein, 30 August 2022

Kaija Saariaho: Orion
Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 6