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Concertgebouw Orchestra

” Bruckner’s perfect blueprint was transformed by the conductor and superior playing of the orchestra into a living structure with unexpected floors, and corridors leading up to them. In short, Mäkelä’s first Bruckner in Amsterdam was an instant hit.”

Trouw, Peter van der Lint, 3 May 2024

” … Mäkelä conducted as we have come to expect from him since his debut only three and a half years (!) ago, masterfully, and the orchestra played unparalleled … The KCO made it all seem easy. Thundering tuttis and blaring copper chorales transformed in the blink of an eye into sultry nature lyrics or mysterious night music, the blocks and cubes fit together perfectly, the many fugues raced with maniacal passion.”

NRC, Joep Stapel, 3 May 2024

“… Mäkelä knows how to tighten without rushing… or without holding back too much. And with this orchestra he achieves an exceptional chromatic richness … those pillars of any of Bruckner’s much-vaunted symphonic “cathedrals”, came out as they should: massive and sweeping but restrained, never stereotyped or pretentiously exuberant.”

El Mundo Classico, Agustin Blanco Bazan, 9 May 2024

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 5