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Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

"Only the greats can have so much 'new' and unique things to say about such a flatly played piece (as Mussorgsky's Pictures from an Exhibition). In every part, Mäkelä managed to reveal unsuspected details, with the brilliant orchestra always as his excellent instrument. And when we arrived in amazement at The Great Gate of Kiev, the orchestral floodgates opened at exactly the right {…}

Orchestre de Paris

"In the miniature overture and first act (of the Nutcracker), the Orchestre de Paris and its musical director were magnificent. For Mäkelä is an outstanding rhythmicist who always keeps the pulse even in the freest rubato, letting a magnificent orchestra perform while being there at strategic moments, giving this delightful, refined music, as tragic at times as one of the composer's {…}
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Orchestre de Paris on tour

"Klaus Mäkelä presented Stravinsky's musical fairy tale (The Firebird) as a largely lyrical play of tonal colours, finally firing up the finale with razor-sharp, controlled discharges of power." Der Standard, Christoph Irrgeher, 20 November 2023 "Great sensitivity, deep sensuality and dazzling beauty of sound were also the advantages of Maurice Ravel's “Shéhérazade” at {…}
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Orchestre de Paris

"The programme for this concert has been very intelligently concocted … the conductor came up with the idea - at first sight absurd, but in truth vertiginous because of the connection it made - of linking, without a break, a Lachrimae Antiquae by John Dowland with Symphony No. 2 by Schumann … To go from four violins, two violas and a cello playing this poignant music by {…}
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"Mäkelä's Mahler is out of this world … He opened the Concertgebouw Orchestra's subscription season on Thursday with a masterful interpretation of Mahler's Third Symphony. I realize you have to be careful with words like ‘masterful', but it was the only word that came to mind while listening to this exhilarating performance  …  all led in fantastic {…}
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Oslo Philharmonic on tour

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5:“In a truly magnificent performance Mäkelä squeezed out every drop of energy at key moments, the burnished Oslo heavy brass and stormy unison strings notching up the turmoil … keeping undercurrents turbulent, he struck the ambiguous balance with thrilling perfection.” *****, David Smythe, 23 August 2023 “The opening {…}
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