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Münchner Philharmoniker

"An ovation for Lisa Batiashvili, who, together with Mäkelä and the orchestra, which was rhythmically and tonally very alert at every moment under his clear direction, impressively fulfilled Shostakovich's concerto in all aspects, from deep sadness and bleak bitterness to crass outbursts of rage and wild raging ... And then Mahler's First: Klaus Mäkelä, with all the versatility {…}
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Sibelius album review – The Times

"Right from the start with the lonely clarinet’s solo in Symphony No 1, you feel the music’s vivid emotions and colouring, soon complemented by singing strings and a body of brass powerful enough to be blasting out Wagner or Bruckner. By the end of this proudly nationalistic symphony, as with Makela’s readings of the Second, the more modernist Fourth, and the one-movement triumph {…}
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Sibelius album review – Klassekampen

"Mäkelä shows a consistent depth in his understanding of Sibelius, which is as much based on intellect as sensuality. When the orchestra responds with sonorous splendor, precision and attentive listening to each other, the result is a new reference recording of the Sibelius symphonies ... and the high quality of the recording gives us every reason to hope that the love affair between {…}
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Orchestre de Paris

"A concert that showed a rare intelligence of conception, even if the composers paired together did not seem to have an obvious relationship. Often, programmes seem to be made up of bits and pieces, with clichéd titles that try to give a why or how to the works proposed. But, for this concert by the Orchestre de Paris with its charismatic conductor Klaus Mäkelä, everything fitted {…}
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Sibelius album review – Gramophone

"So much of the musical energy of these symphonies stems from rhythm and articulation, from a propulsive sense of inevitability, and that’s something that Mäkelä has mastered to a fault. He also has a theatrical nose for atmosphere, which is apparent from the moment that desolate solo clarinet at the start of the First Symphony surveys the landscape that will become Sibelius’s {…}
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Sibelius album review – Financial Times

"… The result is performances that dig deep in every sense. Mäkelä likes sturdy, forceful, full-fat Sibelius that presents the symphonies as trenchant, highly charged musical arguments. Often, the music will start out slowly, even heavy-footedly, but that marks the start of a long climb upwards, as in the finales of the Second and Fifth Symphonies, which lead to climaxes of rousing {…}
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