Oslo Philharmonic – Paris Philharmonie

“This performance of Mahler’s Third Symphony proved to be masterful from start to finish. Throughout the six movements, the orchestra, charged to the max, appeared to be of an exceptional level, without any weakness and with total commitment. And the tension constantly instilled by Klaus Mäkelä pushes it to its limits, but without ever breaking apart.”

“From the first movement (Kräftig) and its triumphant horn entrance, we sense that we are about to witness a rare moment. The magnificent and powerful tutti of the horns quickly gives way to successive interventions by the different sections of the orchestra, which respond to Klaus Mäkelä’s intense and repeated demands. The result is impressive in terms of contrasts, nuances and balance … one does not remember having heard such a mastery of orchestral science for a very long time in Paris.” 

Concertonet.com, Gilles Lesur, 11 May 2022

The opening is striking, chaotic, the organisation of the sound planes of luminous clarity, alternating magmatic stasis and Dionysian dynamics in a fiery orchestral maelstrom from which a telluric march (brass and percussion) will gradually emerge in the midst of a world-morning dawn (solo violin by Elise Båtnes) populated by strident woodwinds and thunderous fanfares (horns, trumpets and trombone solo by Audun Breen) … a superb performance to be counted among the most beautiful ever heard!

Resmusica.com, Patrice Imbaud, 11 May 2022

“… Mäkelä’s technique constantly calls for the attention and commitment of musicians who are in continuous communication with each other and the conductor. The result is stunning, the narrative working in contrast, similar to a photograph where light and dark parts of the image interact and complement each other.”

Bachtrack.com, Augustin Javel, 13 May 2022

Mahler: Symphony No 3
Soloist: Jennifer Johnston mezzo-soprano
Orchestre de Paris (women’s choir)
Oslo Childrens Choir