Oslo Philharmonic

The expressive maturity of Mäkelä is evident from his incredibly clear and varied gestures, which can be both expansive or reserved … The Finnish conductor never takes things to extremes, and all the ”fragments” of the lugubrious first movement (of Shostakovich Symphony No. 10) have a sense of continuity that is rare to hear: With a very comfortable tempo (well over 50 minutes), the magnificent Oslo Philharmonic – an orchestra that has nothing to envy from Europe’s most famous ensembles – responded to the continuous challenges with an elasticity and beauty of sound that is itself an expressive fact. 

Musica, Nicola Cattò, November 2021

Pēteris Vasks: Musica dolorosa
Reinhold Gliere: Harp Concerto
Dmitri Shostakovich:  Symphony No. 10
Soloist: Emmanuel Ceysson