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Stravinsky album review – Wiener Zeitung

“How many conductors have recorded Stravinsky’s “Sacre du printemps” and  “Firebird” on one disc? It feels like there must be hundreds; spits out about 50 hits for the corresponding search terms. One thing is certain: anyone who wants to add another recording to this list has rather poor chances of causing a sensation with it. And he demonstrates about as little willingness to experiment as someone who eats schnitzel with potato salad in the (soon to be promoted) Lower Austrian inn. Creative new territory looks different.”

“Strange, but: the conductor Klaus Mäkelä has now recorded the “Firebird” and the “Sacre” – and the result takes your breath away. This album has sensuality of sound, precision, rhythmic pepper, and last but not least: an original freshness that borders on a miracle in view of the existing abundance of recordings.”

Wiener Zeitung, Christoph Irrgeher, 21 March 2023